Gliese 581 Expedition

The lost boys

The crew was sent to find and rescue Dr. Gills and his people from being killed by the Seraphim. Dr. Gills was in a abandon secret navy base in Oregon. Len and the others geared up for the fight then took off for the rescue. They landed the AV near the base and use met by zombies on the surface of the base. The members in the group who didn’t have hard suits made there way in by using air vents for the base. The hard suits made there way in by the cliffs located east side of the Base.
Once inside the group with out hard suits was able to locate Dr. Gills and his staff of helpers. The hard suits made there way in by the water docs and was able to secure the area before the a Seraphim ship came thru the underwater docs located in the secret navy base. The four hard suits engaged the champions of the Seraphim in combat. During the Frey one of the Seraphim was communicating with use. This one was a turncoat. After eliminating the targets everyone was able to escape thru a tunnel and ran into more zombies out side. We found another tunnel system for sewers and using a map that was found at the base the group navigated there way to the AV. Not before loosing one of the New American Government members to a new creature that lived in the sewers. We were able to save 14 members of Dr. Gills’ group.
This left us with more questions about Dr. Gills, the network of spies and the rumors that was flying around saying Dr. Gillis is dead the moment he left to go to the secret Navy Base.

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Ther's no Home like Mountain Home

After defeating a Chupacabra and finding another member of the Gliese 581 Expedition named Jack. The group was contacted by a rogue Seraphim. They received a disk with a video message asking them if you like more information come and meet them at Mountain Home and to trust no one.


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