Gliese 581 Expedition

This is a Cyberpunk campaign taking place around 2380. The Members of the Gliese Expedition left Earth to explore the Earth like plaint in the Gliese 581 system. The crew slept during the voyage there but woke up during a emergence. The ship was damaged somehow and the pods that house the crew was jettisoned to the plaint below. Some members of the expedition either died or survived the crash.

After the crash, people from the Expedition become aware that somehow they returned to Earth. But the Earth is now different not just with time passing but with new races and governments. Earth is now controlled by aliens called the Seraphim.

Now the members of the Gliese Expedition is faced with over whelming odds. They must try to reclaim their Earth from the Seraphim or die trying. This is their story.

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Gliese 581 Expedition

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