• Captain Len Bloodgood

    Captain Len Bloodgood

    Len is a Pilot for the Gliese Expedition
  • Jack O'Neal

    Jack O'Neal

  • Jauq Lebree

    Jauq Lebree

    The technician of the group, Jaug is also handy in a fight...well as long as he has his Hard Suit...
  • Joey


    Former sheriff for the seraphim, was put in jail for releasing someone with a book.
  • Jonathan


    He is Nephilim and leader of a resistance group made up of human and Nephilim freedom fighters.
  • Professor Norman Gills

    Professor Norman Gills

    Head Scientist in the Gliese Expedition
  • Sven Rand

    Sven Rand

    Survival Expert on the Gliese expedition. In previous life won an award for afro.